Date: 30th December 2015 at 5:19pm
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Manager David Flitcroft has said that he was more disappointed with the performance the players put in than he was the result when it came to Monday’s game against Port Vale.

Speaking to the Bury Times following the one nil defeat, Flitcroft seemed more irked by the overall showing on the day rather than it being the sixth successive away defeat.

‘When you have got a game plan you want to see it out and you want to cause them more problems than what we did. I need to go back and work out why we didn’t. Second half we had a bit of a surge, there was nothing in the game, so I’m really disappointed with their goal. I don’t see Danny Mayor, who is the best talent on the pitch for me, being able to run and skip himself around three or four challenges or half challenges. You can’t do it. The boy Kelly has come on the inside track unchallenged and that really disappoints me how you can win a game on that. We didn’t protect each other, starting with Joe Riley’s non-tackle to Nathan’s (Cameron) non-tackle, to Peter Clarke’s as he’s just gathering pace and momentum and speed. I don’t see my players get those kind of easy opportunities. That’s a disappointing aspect. We looked quite threatening at set-pieces. Leon (Clarke) had a couple of chances, but we have still not created enough.’

With the players being fresher than the otherwise would, even acknowledging the injury situation at the minute, following the Boxing Day postponement against Barnsley, failing to put in the performance he was after would’ve irked the gaffer more.

With injuries though – six subs only for Port Vale – Flitcroft confirmed that plans were afoot to strengthen the group, in particular another goalkeeper with Rob Lainton and Jack Ruddy both out, in the January window when it opened.

‘We have some targets, it`s not going to be easy because the January window is never easy, you have to have up to four targets in each position, but we certainly know where we need strengthening to help balance the squad. We`ll have a look at that and then go on from there.’

On the goalkeeper situation specifically, he talked about the lads we have out injured and the fact that as things stand Daniel Bachmann’s loan deal expires on January 9 and at least as of now, a deal hasn’t been put in place with Stoke to extend it.

‘We are going to work on the Daniel Bachmann situation over the next couple of days, we`ll be having a meeting on that to see where we want to be with it, but certainly there`s a lot of things to discuss in that meeting. It`s a tough fit, with Jack Ruddy`s injury and Rob Lainton being out for a couple of weeks, it will be a real difficult fit to find someone who is prepared to give you a goalkeeper to be a stand-in goalkeeper. Usually your back-up comes from your under-18s, under-21s or reserve teams, so not many clubs will give us a goalkeeper to sit on the bench. I`m sure an avenue will open up, but it`s a very difficult one to find.’

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